Saturday, August 9, 2008

UPDATE - Closer to the goal!

In the spirit of working my fanny off, I will make this post short and sweet. As of 5:33AM on Sunday morning, I am thrilled to report that we've got STRUCTURE! The 30-minute TV program is timed and formed (albeit in draft). TONS of work still remains to be done on the program, but I'm so happy to see this hurdle behind us.

Several more individuals and families have contributed to the financial goal. The original goal was to raise $4,100.00. In just THREE DAYS we have raised $2,361.00!!! That leaves only $1,739.00 to go!!! Are you KIDDING me? Seriously guys, you are MELTING MY FACE OFF with your awesome partnership in this vision. I would absolutely LOVE to see the financial goal met by TUESDAY, AUGUST 12th. Is that crazy? Probably so. But hey! Why not?

If any of you are holding off because you don't want to give even $1 to a goal that will never be reached, then hold off no more! We are practically there already!

Until the next post, enjoy this photo. I could just live in this moment!
Thanks J!

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