Monday, August 18, 2008

It makes me so angry...

It makes me SO angry that I have decided to blog about it using my ultra-slow, first-generation iPhone, while sitting in the Miami airport (don't even get me started there), opting out of their ever-so-helpful, PAY WI-FI (it's wi-fi ... an inalienable human right!), and instead going with the tediously slow phone-Internet to type this.

Let's ignore the fact that FOX News anchors are now regularly defecting to CNN, while also ignoring the blatant ultra-pro-mist (soft and fuzzy) filter that is on the left frame of a two-frame split window... yes, the shot of the "beautiful" FOX News ex-patriot (what's-her-face), and painfully lacking from her guests on the right (golly gee wiz, she's so purty!).

Do me a favor and go to
Now type "Miami" as your city.
Now read the NWS official report on Tropical Storm Fay.
No big deal. Weak. Not much more than a fancy thunderstorm.

Now watch CNN.

Their news is OLD, their graphics are WRONG, and their weather goons are LYING.

They should get an "action-verb Emmy" for tossing words like "pounding" and "slamming" around like so many greased rabbits. I am SO GLAD that I haven't watched TV news in so long. It is mental JUNK FOOD. Mind poison. If you find yourself wishing you had more vacation days, just STOP WATCHING TV NEWS... I'm totally serious... Switch on your brain and enjoy a whole new world.



jcuffs10 said...

Why fi ??? Wifi ???? Dude they are gonna pinch u for every penny they can !!!!

Have a great time on you trip !!! Hawaii has been awesome and were getting ready to head home.....very tired !!!!

T and T Livesay said...

Down with News -- we agree.

jcuffs10 said...

Just watched the videos of the hand and foot.......all I have to say is stay out of the sun.......just stay out of the sun !!!! And if your gonna scare a cat ya gotta grab them with the hiss !!!!!! No pain no gain !!!!

Were home now.......sleepy time !!!! I head back on the 31.