Saturday, August 2, 2008

THE SCOOP - Haiti Day... ah screw it... I'M HOME NOW!

How encouraging it is to get griped out by the very people who inspired me to resume blogging in the first place!

Thanks Livesays for the not-so-subtle kick in the pants. I have to blog REGULARLY in order to please my readers and keep them coming back for more yummy morsels.

And while I'm on the "thanking people" trip, I really wanna give an enormous shout-out to all of my friends in Haiti who assisted in this recent adventure. It starts (and ends) with a massive THANK YOU to Joel and Yvonne Trimble (and family). Joel, without your bird's-eye view of the people and places of Haiti, the reason for this trip never would have materialized. Thanks for putting it all together.

Bobby & Sherry Burnette are next on the list. What an amazing duo you both make. I cannot begin to express just how impressed I am with what God has done in you and through you in Haiti. Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to come into your organization and lend a helping hand. It was an honor and my privilege. Like I said before, anytime I can help, just ask.

Back to the Trimbles. Thanks AGAIN. Thanks for hitting my curve balls, thanks for the amazing food, thanks for the bed, thanks for the assistance, and THANKS for the birthday of a lifetime!

Thanks to Berge for risking your life along with Joel and I to travel into hell, at my side. Your MANY trips back to the truck were VERY APPRECIATED. I was glad to hear that even you got to experience a Haiti that you'd never before known about.

Thanks to the people of Haiti who so beautifully received me and my crazy requests. Encore. Encore.

And then there's the Livesays! No doubt about it, you guys rock the face off of a goat. What a glorious time of irreverence and fun! I really appreciate the pre-production you logged on my behalf and the time and energy expended to haul me around, feed me, and endure me. I would be remiss if I didn't give a HUGE shout out to Robenson for teaching some English and working with the kids so hard.

Next in line... my dad, for the help upon my return. It goes without saying what I owe you, both figuratively and literally! I love you. Your patience is ASTOUNDING!

Finally, I thank all of my family and friends who prayed for me during this trip. To say that it was productive would be a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT. I will have more to show and report in the coming days. For now, just know that you prayed me through some UNBELIEVABLE spots. I am forever indebted to all of you.

Okay. I'm current now. I'll try to stay regular in the coming days.


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