Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Movin' Right Along!

Well folks, the gears are still a'turnin'. Progress is good. Very good!

So far, I have been able to complete a music video (exciting details are coming pertaining to that) and am presently fine-tuning the 30-minute TV program that we will be airing as our fundraising video. "Fine tuning" may sound like I'm wrapping that up, but this phase can be fairly time consuming as it requires an enormous amount of attention to detail.

To give you some idea, I spent 4 days editing the music video. That piece, when finished, is about 5 minutes long. Now I'm faced with a piece that is 30 minutes long and much more narrative than just images and music. There is a HUGE story to be told here and I am doing my best to tell it well.

To give you some idea, the work that is presently being accomplished through your support is currently valued at over $40,000. I'm serious. I can give you contacts in the industry who will tell you, what we are accomplishing this month is a TREMENDOUS BLESSING. By simply allowing us to cover our monthly expenses, you are turning $4,100 into over $40,000!

That is no small thing.

I would certainly appreciate all of your prayers during this time. I am trying to stay creative and intuitive, simultaneously. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to deliver the message and to do so in an entertaining or thought-provoking way. I am also profoundly aware that creating television for someone else is infinitely easier than doing it for yourself. A creator's best asset is objectivity. When working on something so close to my heart, objectivity is the challenge. Pray for the objectivity to cover all my bases.

Adrian and I are so very thankful for the support we have received thus-far and are doing our part to use the dollars responsibly. Literally, the $4,100 covers bills and nothing else. There's no "fun money" in there. Samuel's 6th birthday was today. Thanks to grandmas and grandpas for the gifts!

Adrian and the kids made a modest little birthday cake out of Jello and generic Cool Whip. We are generally accustomed to spending a bit of money on our birthday parties, so I was a little sad that Sam's party was not as special as the kids are used to (it is certainly good practice for Haiti). Now of course, this was OUR DECISION and is not anyone's fault. I'm not trying to give you a sob story here. I simply tell you this because I want you to know that we are not taking advantage of your generosity IN THE LEAST. We take your involvement in what we are doing this month VERY seriously. Please keep praying for us that God will continue to work a miracle as we labor diligently on this project.

As the end of the month draws nearer, we are still not quite to the financial goal. Without an additional $1,185.00 we will not be able to pay all of our bills.

If you have been meaning to get on board and send us some support but have a tendency to delay, please take a moment to set down that burrito or your iPhone and take care of that.

Thanks so much for all of your support. The included still images are from my work this month. I'll have moving images for you before too long, but for now, may those serve to whet your appetite.

Thanks again,
Luke & Adrian


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Can't find a way to email you on your I blind? If not, maybe you can provide that somewhere.

Mike (A fellow Haiti burdened individual)

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