Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 04 - Haitian filmmaker reaches out.

It's exciting to see the possibilities that communications technology open up. I received an email today from a burgeoning filmmaker who wishes to find a community to belong to within Haiti. He found us online.

This may seem like a small thing, but I took it as a great sign of progress. Clearly the word is spreading and the response continues to be overwhelmingly positive.

There is limited internet access here and Kyle, my associate, has a good bit that he is trying to accomplish online. Also, in the next day or so, we will be hopping a plane up to Cap Haitien for a wee bit of exploring and sightseeing.

Stay tuned as I will be trying to keep you up-to-date from down here. After that, when I return home, many more interviews will begin to post for you to see. I expect the podcast to explode with content in short order.

As for day 4, we spent time giving back.

Kyle and I shot a ton of stuff for an orphanage down here. Turns out, like many organizations in Haiti, they needed some video promotions material and we were able to assist them. Yet another wonderful side-effect of having a media training school in Haiti. So much is possible.

Until then...

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Rebecca said...

My goodness, those kids are CUTE!