Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 03 - Haitian perspective matters most.

We spent the day at Radio Lumière, one of Haiti's oldest radio stations. Within the last two years, they have added television and are steadily making the difficult climb up the ladder of technological progress in Haiti. It was great to see many of the faces of students that I had taught earlier this year. Each one seemed to be as happy to see me as I was to see them.

I could ramble on and on but let me opt out of that and just say that Kyle and Joel and I were able to conduct another set of wonderful interviews with the management, staff, and employees of this organization. Without a doubt, it is what the Haitians have to say about The Caribbean Institute of Media Technologies that ultimately matters. My thoughts alone are but theories... ideas... speculations. Only when put to the test do they prove to be otherwise.

As it turns out, I am not crazy. The Haitians we have been interviewing have blown me away with their opinions. Honestly, it has been remarkable. One young man actually hounded me; he asked if I had forgotten him. He asked if I had given up. I assured him that I had done neither and that this is a big vision. It is taking time to get the funding.

Please stay tuned, our podcast is about to explode with meaningful content as I share with you what the Haitians are saying about the need for media technologies training in Haiti today.

I can assure you, this has not been mere speculation on my part. I have known in my heart that what we are chasing is relevant, important, and worthwhile. Personally, I have been sold from day one. It has been encouraging however to gather some eye-opening interviews that will go a long way toward demonstrating the real need for our school and the legitimacy and urgency of our cause.

For now, here is part 1 of the interview with Réginald Chevalier. I can promise you, there is tons more coming.

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