Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Having "THE TALK"

Today, as we sat idling in our driveway, Adrian and I had "THE TALK." For people of faith, specifically those who feel fairly in-touch with the "supposed to" feelings, you will understand me when I say that Adrian and I both feel that change is afoot. I cannot even begin to express how I quantify that. But Adrian and I both know what it means.

The time to move is approaching. This time, it won't be across town or into a different state. This time, it will be to Haiti.

Now the moms and dads shouldn't panic. I'm not talking about next week or anything. But the truth is, it will be sooner than it will be later.

At this time, Adrian and I are asking for the deepest prayers you can offer us. There is SO MUCH to consider. SO MUCH to handle.

During this time, we will be nagging our ex-patriot buddies in Haiti and generating the "to do" list of all "to do" lists.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

We're about to jump.


Amber Snyder said...

L&A I am with you on this one. As you can see we continue to have the talk all the time. I live here, he lives here 1/2 the time. It's a tough call.I pray your answer will be crystal clear.

The Renner Family (Haiti) Blog said...

Thanks, Amber!

To be clear... we know that we are, in fact, moving to Haiti. It's the "how" and "specifically when" that we need to narrow down on.

Thanks for your prayers!

jcuffs10 said...

Luke and AJ

I would rather be side by side with someone who runs in the dark (with Jesus)....then someone who craws in the light (0n their own)

Well when Im done in the sand box.... It be nice to pop in and see you guys and have some "snot fruit".....hopefully Luke you know what I mean by snot fruit !!!

Godspeed to you all !!!!


jeff said...

thank you for commenting in my blog, and for sending me on to your brother's. It was inspiring. As is yours. A visit to the blog I commented on with you last night got me thinking about Haiti also. It was a strong impulse to go. Strange. And all I was thinking about was a return to California...Jesus is still walking the earth calling disciples I suspect.