Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crickets or Cookies?

Part of assembling a really enjoyable experience for our donor base means giving you what you want. In order to do that, I have to ask a few questions every once in a while.

For those who know me well, you know that this isn't some pointless exercise. I do actually listen to advice and certainly try to apply it whenever possible. Naturally, with a specific agenda before us, we cannot always embrace every idea, but I vow to you that we always listen and weigh each suggestion on its own merit.

So then, I have some questions for you... all of you.

The first question is this:


When you give (and I'm assuming you do), what are your deepest, personal expectations? Are you genuinely happy if the gift is received by nothing more than a lonely audience of crickets chirping, or do you expect some sort of token in return (i.e. do you want a "cookie")?

There is no right or wrong answer. No one is looking over your shoulder. Just tell the truth... and be specific [rubs hands together menacingly].

If you're fine with getting no response from a charity, then say so. If you'd like a "thank you" card or some other token of appreciation (or acknowledgment), then that's fine too. Just tell me, cause I wanna know what you think!

The bottom line here is, this thing we are doing is a joint effort. Any great thing requires CO-operation.

So please, leave a comment (even an anonymous one if you feel more comfortable). I genuinely want to know what you think.


Emlynsmommy said...

The times that I've donated to charities and received some sort of token (a sticker, a note, etc) I've always had the thought, "Who's paying for THIS???" I would much rather I simply saw the fruits of the charity working as it is intended, not needlessly spending time or money on something I'm not going to remember in a day or two anyway.

Jon M. said...

Nothing needed or wanted. I agree with E's mommy... I'd appreciate it more if nothing was given and the money was used for the cause.

A "thank you" email would be nice, if capability exists to do so.

T and T Livesay said...

Each time I give, I like to get a trip to Disney World or a new car.

Clix said...

I just like to be kept informed about what's going on.