Friday, September 12, 2008


Dear friends, family, and web explorers,

The time has come for the pre-launch of our exciting new website! Please take the time to visit OUR NEW SITE (<- Click here) to view the trailer and to sign up for further information, tell a friend, subscribe in iTunes, or add our announcement to your myspace or facebook account!

It's all right there!

Please, please, please... tell your friends... anyone who might be interested in what we are doing in Haiti. This whole effort is a grassroots campaign to get people interested and ultimately, involved.

Grassroots means that WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU!


You guys share loads of information with each other on a regular basis. You recommend movies, restaurants, toothpaste, cars, presidential candidates, and websites. You are GOOD at what you do.

What we are asking is that you will now take the time... maybe 5 minutes... to pass along a recommendation about us. Our site makes that EASY TO DO! Just drop in your email address and the addresses of some friends and send them an E-mail. That's like falling off a log! Actually, that's easier... cause you'd have to ACTUALLY FIND A LOG to fall off of first.

This has been HANDED TO YOU!

Please help us help Haiti.

Tell a friend today!


T and T Livesay said...

Luke -
We FINALLY got your trailer up on our blog -- we have always been on board but are just working without Internet right now --- so just a note to say "hey" and we love you guys and hope that God takes your vision and makes it bloom.

T and T

Heather of the EO said...

Came here via the Livesay blog.
This is so interesting and exciting! I watched the clip on their site, very well done!
I may now sound like an internet crazy, but I feel like I know your name from somewhere. Who knows, maybe I just know someone with a rhyming name :)
I'm in MN, connected with the Livesays via the blog world and have been following them ever since.
I'll be waiting for Oct 13 and passing on the word,