Monday, May 11, 2009

UPDATE: CIMT partners with Beyond Borders

On May 7, 2009, Beyond Borders (co-founded in 1993 by Dr. Tony Campolo) became our official partner! In addition to their public vote of confidence, Beyond Borders has agreed to act as a fiscal agent (meaning they can receive and process donations on our behalf). Fundamentally, this move represents a huge boost to our credibility and legitimately connects us with a highly experience, deeply committed, and socially responsible network of hundreds of people operating both on the ground in Haiti and within the continental United States!

As you may already know, we have been accepting our own funds through the generous assistance of ReNET, a non-profit network of churches in Indiana. While we are still planning to accept and process your monthly contributions ourselves, we understand that this new partnership with Beyond Borders will better position our organization within Haiti for an expanding range of opportunities and long-term growth.

We believe that this partnership is a huge step toward ensuring that our work in Haiti will be a lasting one!

With regard to this new partnership, there are too many people to thank. A very special thanks goes out to John Engle, Kent Annan, David Diggs, Jonathan Haggard, Kevin Koser and to all of the members of the Beyond Borders, Beyond Borders Florida, and LimyƩ Lavi staff for their enthusiastic embrace of what we are doing in Haiti. It cannot be overstated to say that we are incredibly impressed by all that you are doing and are therefore deeply honored by your vote of confidence in us. We look forward to learning from you, growing together, and sharing in many meaningful experiences with you all.

We do not take partnerships lightly and have thus far been blessed with many meaningful relationships over the years. GLOW Ministries International, for example, has been a long-time friend of our work and an ongoing supporter of what we do as they continue to faithfully serve Haiti in rich and meaningful ways. The addition of Beyond Borders, Beyond Borders Florida, and LimyƩ Lavi as partners is welcomed with open and enthusiastic arms and stands as testimony to our commitment to remaining accountable, connected, and relevant in Haiti.

Please stay tuned as this relationship continues to deepen and new and exciting projects begin to develop.

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