Friday, May 29, 2009

Beauty By God

On a recent trip to Haiti I was blessed... though that is probably too weak a word... to make a new friend. Her name is Judy Bork.

Judy is an amazing talent, both artistically and spiritually. For me personally, there exists an unspoken connection to her work as she captures and delivers the complexity of "darkness in brightness" and "brightness in darkness." Truthfully, I am still trying to find the right words for the emotions that it conjures within me... and that's what makes this art.

It speaks. It lingers. It resonates.

As I continue to grow, I find her work to be a reprieve from the noise of life. She has a way of finding those quiet spots that don't seem to exist anymore, then she collects them and brings them right to you.

If you get a chance, visit Judy's site ( and consider purchasing some of her lovely prints and cards. I have no doubt, you will find peace within the frames of her work.

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