Monday, February 9, 2009

Tony Campolo & Beyond Borders Florida. Oh, the possibilities!

Last Friday, Adrian and I were so blessed to have the opportunity to attend the gala event of Beyond Borders Florida. Just a few weeks ago, I had met with John Engle, the co-director of Beyond Borders Florida, and was humbled to have received this kind invitation.

The evening was lovely. We were well fed and expertly serenaded by the live band. As if that weren't enough, Tony's lovely wife, Peggy Campolo, was seated at our table. The conversation, sometimes quite personal and revealing, was incredibly rich and meaningful. I thank God for Peggy's personally reassuring words for Adrian. For those who know us intimately, you know that we have had some personal challenges as of late... specifically with raising one of our kids. Suffice it to say, Peggy was really able to connect with Adrian and offer some valuable, life-affirming encouragement and advice. That was truly a gift.

At present, we are in an ongoing dialogue with Beyond Borders Florida in an effort to explore ways in which our respective works might overlap. Such overlap could mean real opportunities for cooperation. That excites me. Please pray for us all as we move in this direction. For sure, we all want to see real and lasting sustainability for Haiti. I pray God has a way that we can work together toward this common goal.


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Tony Campolo is one of my heros! Jealous of you guys getting to meet him ... very cool.

jcuffs10 said...

Luke,,,this info is awesome man !! God is truely blessing you !!

Well the catbox is still the same here, ate lunch with Randy today !

Keep running in the dark man !!!