Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The sun came up.

It's been quiet around here lately. The phone doesn't ring too much. Email is creeping to a halt.

We've been facing some major challenges as winter turns into the slower months of summer. For me personally, it is a time when I generally have no choice but to reflect on what's "right" and what's "wrong" with my life.

Discipline is a popular theme. Self control is probably one of the hardest things to nail down. Most of the time, the things we do rarely matter very much to others. It makes no real difference in the life of others whether or not we squirt a little too much toothpaste from the tube or leave the car running while our wife runs into the store. But the littlest things really do matter. They represent who we REALLY are, deep inside.

Our response to ALL of life's offerings is representative of a much bigger, deeper thing that is going on inside of us. Who are we? What are we "all about" in life? Are we preservationists by nature or are we locust, intent on consuming and then leaving nothing in return?

The sun came up this morning. I am grateful for that. Now it's time to make the best use of this day that I can. I may never get another one like it.

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