Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The blogger SINGS!

This morning, our 7-year-old daughter, Samara, had exploratory surgery on her right knee. She is home tonight, recovering with coloring books and Starbucks (hot chocolate).

On the way to the surgery this morning, I popped in a CD of a personal "golden oldie" and looked Samara in the eye as I sang along to it. It's a song I wrote, performed, and recorded about Samara when she was roughly a year old.

I thought I would share it with you here:

*press the play button.

Samara Smiled
Words and Music by Luke Renner
© Copyright 2002, luke renner

I was nothing more than excuses
Then Samara smiled at me
Who'd have thought that one
Little girl undone
Would change my destiny
When her little smile tore through my self-defeat
A light began to break
It brought me back my faith.

Now I'm so much more than I used to be
Since Samara smiled at me
Life is better now
It all worked out somehow
Color my lucky
Or maybe it just goes to show God is real
And proves it perfectly
When Samara smiles at me

Skeptics bow their heads, cynics softly tread
When Samara smiles at me
Politicians swirl
And try to kiss the girl
And blinder men can see
That true beauty is rare... doubting men would not dare
Question what they see
When Samara smiles at me.

Heaven shed her grace down on me
In a baby's face, cheek to smiling cheek.

All of time stands still
On a windowsill
When Samara smiles at me
The poets write no more
Cause what's a poem for
If not to find beauty
And I believe all the beauty the universe holds
Can be summed up without any words
When Samara smiles at me

And to all of those people who've never known love
You would if you could see Samara smile at me.


*Thanks to my good friends, Ray Boltz (for the recording space), Randy Melson (on bass), Dane Clark (drums), and Rich Morpurgo (my engineering partner).


T and T Livesay said...

What is wrong with Samara's knee???!!???

Tim Morris said...

Hi Luke, I doubt you remember me but I happened onto your blog and listened to your song.
Nice job,