Sunday, July 13, 2008

Look for videos.

I just wanted to take a moment to point out a few things that you can expect from this blog.  

For starters, the views expressed within are often times riddled with sarcasm and should therefore be taken lightly.

We be lovin' life.  This be meanin' that we ain't gon be nun too serious from time to time (my silly spelling is but one shining example of the kind of quality humor you can come to expect here).  

I know, I know.  Just calm down.  I'll try to separate the jokes so you can catch your breath.

More things you can expect:

- Pictures
- Videos
- Favorite quotes
- Links
- LOTS of Haiti references

For now, I will encourage you to check out this little video of our new puppy. She will be making the journey to Haiti with us, serving as a friend and protector (and eater of leftovers). Her name is Maya.  Today, just as I was about to take a totally unnecessary afternoon nap, Samara pointed out a rather large turtle roaming through our neighborhood and the distraction was too great.  I missed my nap and Maya caught a glimpse of one smooooth turtle.  

I chose the accompanying song as I felt it matched the turtle's laid-back 'tude.  Despite Maya's barking and bouncing, my fancy camera, and Samara's hands, this easy rider had better places to be.

For more ravishing videos, check back for future posts (wherein I will spoon feed them to you). Otherwise you can exert a teeny-weenie bit of effort and navigate to my YouTube channel.

Either way, there should always be enough content to distract you from your totally unnecessary, afternoon naps.


twilliams003 said...

What is on the dogs head, and why was he sniffing the turtle's butt?

The Renner Family (Haiti) Blog said...

The dog has had her ears "cropped", which is a pretty way of saying surgically mangled so that they will stand up pointy like a doberman's should.

She is sniffing the turtle's butt because (and very few people know this) a turtle's butt is more fragrant than a newly blossomed lily.

Thanks for the provocative questions, Tony!